Student Shares Love For Mountain Biking

May 17, 2018

A sport is defined as an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. Mountain biking can be a sport or it can be just for pure enjoyment. It depends on the age you start and however hard you want to make it.

“One day I was at the ninth grade school and heard an announcement that was saying they would have a mountain biking team there or they were trying to start one. I had already been doing stuff on a BMX bike which is a bike made for tricks so I figured that it would be a cool sport. I ended up being the only kid from here signing up that year and I love it,” senior Tristan Mariani said.

Mountain biking dates back to the 1970s and started as just taking trails in the woods. Now in 2018 the mountain biking industry is worth 14.2 million dollars and growing. This sport is one that it is quite easy to learn the basics but to be really good takes a lot of dedication and practice.

“The training for this is just learning how to balance and a lot of technical things such as how to turn in the most efficient ways along with all the safety precautions. We are taught the fundamentals so that we just have to work on our technical skills and cardio,” Mariani said.

The hard part of this sport is not how to do but it it is how to deal with the environment. That is what makes this sport exciting and different every time and every place you ride. You have to learn to expect the unexpected.

“Basically even on the flattest terrain, there are still sticks, rocks, roots and when you ride a bike those instantly become very challenging. Balance is extremely hard when mountain biking unlike when you are going over the pavement and flat surfaces,” senior Andy Thompson said. “You have all kinds of things you have to look for like if you go too far to the right or the left you will run into trees and brush and stuff. It is definitely a much more challenging method of riding a bike.”


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