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Alum Works With Organization To Protect Children

Alum Works With Organization To Protect Children

May 9, 2018

Alumnus Blake Brockway has found a calling with helping to rescue children from trafficking and sexual exploitation. He works with a Child Rescue Coalition in Florida. Partnering with law enforcement and child advocates around the world.

“I currently live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida,” Brockway said. “I graduated from Sparkman in 2005, and was editor of the yearbook, and worked on the newspaper staff as well as very active in the SGA, National Honor Society and Crimson Society.”

Since graduating, Brockway has made a significant impact on communities around the world. Working with the Child Rescue Coalition has given him opportunities to make a difference where it matters.

“I currently work as the Director of Events & Social Media Coordinator for a small nonprofit called Child Rescue Coalition in Boca Raton, Florida,” Brockway said. “The Child Rescue Coalition partners with law enforcement, and child advocates around the world to shield, rescue and safeguard children from sexual exploitation. We use leading-edge technology to help track, arrest, and convict those who use the internet to harm young children. We provide our CPS Technology tool free to law enforcement in all 50 states and 79 countries around the world. Our technology gives law enforcement access to info about abuse in their area that they might not know exists. We are able to help paint a complete picture of predatory behavior and use historical data to reveal trends that would be impossible for any agency to track down on its own.”

Although Brockway is not physically out in the world catching the sex traffickers, he still plays a large role in his organization. The world revolves around money and drives the sex trafficking business.

“My primary job focus is creating events to help raise money for our organization such as our gala (we recently had Ashley Judd speak at our last gala),” Brockway said. “Town Halls (where people come and learn about our organization and how to safeguard children from pedophiles), our charity golf tournament and corporate volunteer days, where we go in and make care packages for children that are given to police to give them when they are rescued from an abusive situation.”

Working for the Child Rescue Coalition allows Brockway to reach out to large media groups and talk shows to raise awareness. Doing this will help the coalition grow in the long run and get out the word to stop child abuse and sex trafficking.  

“I also run all of our social media,” Brockway said. “We recently launched a national media campaign called “KIDS FOR PRIVACY”. In collaboration with April being Child Abuse Prevention Month, we wanted to encourage parents to “pause before they post” images of their kids that put them in vulnerable situations. We have found almost 90 percent of children have an online presence by the age of two.”

Brockway has even identified methods sex traffickers tend to take to find their next victim like hashtags. These same hashtags make it easier for law enforcement to find and eliminate threats.

“We have also discovered child predators search hashtags like #PottyTraining, #BathTime, and #KidsPeeing to find semi-pornographic images of children,” Brockway said. “We created a campaign that allowed our followers to get involved and have their kids make #PrivacyPlease signs and flood these hashtags with these images instead of ones of children peeing or taking a bath. The campaign has gone viral—we have been picked up Today Show, Al Jazeera, UniVision, PopSugar, and multiple local news stations around the country. We launched a Youtube video on April 3rd, and it has now received over 58k views.”


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