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Photo Credit: Graphic by Saylor Cuzzort

Top 10: Cafeteria Foods

10) Sliced Pears

The firm and crisp pears are incredibly good. They’re juicy like a watermelon. 

9) Fish Nuggets with Hush Puppies 

The fish nuggets are lightly battered and the hush puppies are buttery with pieces of hot corn in them. Everytime you bite into either one of these it will sound like stepping on leaves.

8) Quesadilla 

A super hot grilled chicken and cheddar cheese pull apart. They are shaped like a square.

7) Mexican Pizza

Who does not love a pizza with six sides? This pizza has a thick crust and a three cheese- sausage blend.

6) Hot Wings

These grilled wings taste so good if you can find a good sauce for them. It is usually served with ranch.

5) General Tso Chicken 

These are crispy chicken bites with an Asain sauce. It is usually served with steamed vegetables and rice.

4) Spicy Potato Wedges 

The crispy, gas-station style, spicy potato wedges are the perfect side dish for every meal. These  are usually served on Chili day.

3) Crispitos

The crispitos are crispy seasoned beef roll ups, like the same ones you would find at the gas station.

2) Mozzarella Sticks

These are served hot. They are white cheese pull-aparts with marinara sauce.

1) Thanksgiving Meal

Ham or Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, seasoned green beans, sweet potato and marshmallows and a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie.


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