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Top 10 Things To Do If You Do Not Attend Friday’s Football Game

  1. Hang out with friends

  Have some fun with your friends! Do crazy things or even just chillax. 

  1.   Make a pillow fort

  Try making a pillow fort and be in your own little utopia. Make sure to bring a few snacks!

  1.   Try out new things

  Everyone should expand their horizons. Try something you’ve never done before!

  1.   Watch a movie 

  Horror, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy…so many to choose from! Tuck yourself in a cozy blanket and watch a good movie. 

  1.   Shopping

  Go have some quality family/friend time and remember that it is okay to window shop!

  1.   Cook

  Try cooking dinner for yourself and the family, maybe something you’ve never even cooked before!

  1.   Read a book 

  Not many things are better than indulging yourself into a good story. Try out a new series!

  1.   Sleep

  Many of us prefer to just lay in bed since it’s our most favorite place in the world, take a rest!

  1.   Do a Puzzle

  Nothing like a nice challenge in your freetime, try solving a difficult puzzle!

  1.   Study

  Doesn’t hurt to try to understand a subject a little more. Get to know the material for your class, it will only benefit you!

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