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The stage for the Hydrate assembly waits for the performers. The assembly was held Oct. 22 during the school day for SHS and at night for the community.

Bullying Assembly Makes Impression on Fourth Grader

Hello, my name is Aleesa St. Julian, and I am a fourth-grade student at Harvest Elementary.  I’m also an author of two books:  The Day I Met Walt and The Day Walt Met Me.  Recently, there was an event at Sparkman Middle School, Monrovia Middle School, and Sparkman High School called HYDRATE.  Since, my big brother, Avery St. Julian goes to Sparkman High School, I was able to attend the HYDRATE event too. The event discussed important issues like bullying and self-confidence.

You may have forgotten what it’s like being in fourth grade.  So, I am going to address some of the issues that HYDRATE mentioned from my perspective.

Have I ever been bullied?

Sadly, yes.  I have been bullied many times.

How have kids bullied me?

I attend a great school with loving teachers who really try to stop bullying.  But it’s difficult for teachers to see everything that kids may do in an entire day. I have been bullied in many ways.  I have been hit, called names, and more.

How have I handled it?

Mostly, I would pray for them, but sometimes I got upset.  I have also told the teacher.  One time, I told my mom.  We began praying for the little girl who was bullying me.  Weeks later, my mom and I ran into her and her mother.  My mom told her mom about the bullying.  The next day, the little girl apologized, and the bullying stopped.  I forgive her and hope she doesn’t do that to anyone else again.

Have I ever bullied anyone?

I can only think of one time that I may have bullied someone.  I told a person that they ran slowly. Afterwards, I felt badly about it.

Let’s discuss one of the other topics mentioned at HYDRATE, which is self-confidence.  Some people may bully others because they feel so badly about themselves.

Do I ever feel badly about myself?

Not a lot but sometimes.

What do I do when bad thoughts about myself come into my mind?

Well, the first thing I do is begin speaking the right things to myself.  If someone feels like they are ugly or ungifted – should they believe that? No!  They should NEVER EVER believe ANY of those things about themselves.  NEVER EVER!



What should you do if those things get in your mind?

Well first, know that you are special and declare things over yourself like: you are worth it, pretty/handsome, and gifted.  You know that little whisper that you hear which is trying to tell you that you are worthless – it is so wrong!  Please listen…that little whisper – it is NOT your friend.  It has a name and it is…SIN.  It tries to take over your mind so that you will mistreat yourself and others.  So, are you going to let it?

I believe we can have bright futures ahead of us!  It’s going to start in our minds.  If we think the right way, we will act the right way.  If we act the right way, we will love and treat others the right way!  Thank you HYDRATE for visiting our community and helping us realize the truth!






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