Senior Adam Depew prepares to make a jump.

Scott Lowe

Jumping Into Success: Student Sets New High Jump Record

April 4, 2019

Jumping six feet high and breaking school records is not what one will do on a monotonous and constant schedule. Yet, this is a normal Saturday track meet for senior high jumper Adam Depew.

The drive to achieve different goals such as the employee of the month, straight A’s or breaking a school record can require many different reasons such as personal gain, popularity, or just getting a name out there. Depew wants the latter, to just get people to know his name.

“I simply want to show the kids here I am worth something, that’s why I train as hard as I do,” Depew said.

Depew spends hours after school during track practice doing jumps over and over again until he perfects it. He uses weights to make himself stronger and observes other jumpers to improve himself. He uses plyos, which is a type of active stretching to increase productivity and flexibility.

“I try to have a go-after-it work ethic like Saquon Barkley,” Depew said. “He really inspires me to keep going higher than I think I actually can.”

At one time, Depew actually refused to do track from where he is originally from in Pennsylvania. Yet, he tried high jump out of curiosity and found that he really relished the fact that he was good at it and started his long process. Although, when he moved from up north to a polar opposite in Alabama.

“I was scared to leave because of the family situations that I was facing. I have been embracing the south as best as I can and I like it here,” Depew said, “I have been drinking a lot more sweet tea and listening to country music. Although, my cousin, aunt and uncle have been the best and helping me through the process.”

Depew has been trying his best to get his name out in the crowd after going through such a huge life change. Drawing inspiration from Barkley and doing repetition after repetition. Doing a sport he didn’t even know he would like, he tries to do his best.

“Simply, I just want to break the school record so I can have something to show my friends later and say ‘Yeah I did that, want to know how’,” Depew said.

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