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Percussion Hopes For Successful Competition Season

Percussion Hopes For Successful Competition Season

February 27, 2019

The band is known for putting in hours of rehersersal and practice to make their performances spectacular, but the percussion section has even higher standards. After winning first place at Columbia Central High School without wearing uniforms, the group is optimistic for the rest of the season.

The theme of their show this year is “For Now I Am Winter.” The music is more complex from previous years and the meaning behind the music gives people a special connection to the show.

“It is about finding your own winter and getting through it,” senior Chris Weis said. “We all have things that bring us down and the show is about finding that light that makes us happy.”

One of the more exciting things about this show is the difficult music. Many of the percussion members believe that this show will be better than the last due to the new music and theme.

“From the first day we got our music we immediately noticed how different it was in terms of how we had to express ourselves and the technicality of the music we were playing,” sophomore Dylan Lancaster said. “It was more challenging than anything we had seen from our music in a while.”

The more difficult music requires dedication and practice. This is why the percussion students have to stay after school more than typical band students. Though the practices are enjoyable and feel less like a hard core commitment.

“The commitment of percussion is essentially a part time job,” senior Peyton Barlow said. “We practice in class everyday plus two or three days of four hour long practices a week. We also have weekend long competitions depending on what season it is. We have long days but it is worth it because of the things we accomplish together.”

The season is showing potential as it progresses. The group is excited to compete in the world championship in Dayton Ohio at the end of the season. The combination of emotional meaning and complex music will hopefully provide the perfect combination for an award winning piece.

“The show is already better than last year and it is only going to get better and better throughout the season,” Lancaster said.

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