Swim Requires Time, Dedication, Commitment

November 27, 2018

Swim is not a popular sport among peers, but swim is a sport that requires a lot of time, effort, and commitment just like any sport. This sport requires a person’s arms and legs to move their body through water. When it comes to this, sport motivation to improve is key.

“We (students on the swim team) mainly work on laps at a longer distance to increase stamina and then we work on sprints to get our speed down,’ Mason Wallis said.

Swim isn’t the most particular sport but regardless of that fact one wrong move has the possibility of changing you’re outcome.

“You’re flip turn if you do it wrong it can put a lot of time on your score and you’re dive is really important because it can get you far.” Betty Shallbetter said.

Swim is an individual and team sport.

“The most important thing people should know about swim is that is single person sport but we still come together as a team and most people don’t think of it like that. In the end, all of our points add up,” Wallis said.

Swim is a sport that can be intimidating to people who don’t have experience in the water but if you are motivated you can excel in this sport.

“It takes motivation to do swim because a lot of people think that they can’t swim but really all you need to do is just be able to float and we’ll teach you the rest,” Shallbetter said.

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