Cross Country Ends Season On A Good Note

November 27, 2018

With the cross country season ending last week, the varsity boys team sent two boys to state, the highest level race in high school cross country. The two boys, freshman Patrick Moody and senior John David Ray both competed and held their own.

Ray the top runner on the team ran his heart out on the last race of his high school season with a 17.53 5k time. Freshman Patrick Moody came in at an 18.23.

“I ran as fast as I could because I wanted to run a good last race for my freshman season,” Moody said.

The race course itself was a challenge, including the number of runners and the cold weather “There were many obstacles we had to go through during the race. There were so many runners at the race, so it made it very difficult to pass people”. Ray and Moody said.

Moody said, running in the mud during a race is one of the hardest conditions to run in. It can slow your time down and make it harder to move your feet. There is also the danger of falling because it is so slick.

“At about the half mile I slipped and got tripped up from behind, causing three runners to fall that were behind me”, Moody said.

Training for this race and qualifying for it was an even bigger challenge for Moody. At the beginning of the season, Moody suffered a hamstring injury during practice. He missed the first four meets of the season but when he came back from his injury he was as determined as ever. He trained non-stop for two weeks straight and on his first race back he got 8th place in the JV race.

“To prepare for this race I gave it my all through the season and pushed myself every practice,” Moody said.

For Ray and Moody this race was so much more than just a regular race. They felt honored to represent their team for the whole state and run against some of the best teams in the state.

“I felt like I ended the season on a good note and very happy that my last race of the season was the state meet,” Ray said.  

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