Bowling Team Starts Off On A Roll

November 9, 2018

The bowling team has only just started the season and is already on a roll. With a winning record of 2-0 in the area after defeating Bob Jones and Westminster, the bowling team seems to be on the right track to achieving their goals for the season.

“The team’s ultimate goal is obviously to win and make it to state,” senior Jacob Tilly said. “But personally, I hope that everyone on the team has a great time with each other while playing our hardest and representing the school the best we can.”

The bowling team has a varied mix of upper and lower classmen. Tilly believes the variety is a good thing that provides a good way to boost the morale of the team and help them prepare for upcoming games.

“We get lots of practice in; as a group and individually,” Tilly said. “It also involves a lot of older players hyping up and encouraging the newer players on the team, figuring out what we need to improve and working one-on-one with each other to find the best way to beat our opponents.”

Despite the early wins, the bowling team still has an entire season of tough opponents ahead of them. Looking forward to and getting ready for their next game versus East Limestone has the team brimming with excitement.

“Our opponents are working hard as well,” Lisa Ivey said.  “So we’ve been training hard to make it to state and make our school proud.”

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