Athlete Explains Life Changes Since Volleyball

November 2, 2018

Crimson Crier: What is your favorite memory from volleyball?

Diamond Holt: Bonding with my teammates at Hoover camp is my favorite memory.


CC: What are you going to miss about Sparkman Volleyball?

DH: I’m going to miss the connection that we have and the family feeling between us. I really am going to miss playing with them.


CC: How does it feel to be Area Runner-Up?

DH: It feels great. It’s a great experience to finally be runner-up, especially in Area.


CC: With it being your senior year, how was your regional experience?

DH: It was my first time going out of the four years I’ve been playing and I really enjoyed it. It was exciting to finally make it to regionals and I’m glad I got that experience.


CC: What would you tell someone who wants to play volleyball for Sparkman?

DH: Hard work pays off and the harder you work the further you’ll go.


CC: How important is team cohesion?

DH: Team chemistry is really important because if you don’t have it off the court then while you’re on the court miscommunications and lack of trust is bound to happen. It’s hard to win games that way.


CC: How has volleyball affected your life?

DH: Volleyball has become my safe place because if I have a bad day at school I know that when I get to fourth block I’ll be playing volleyball and I’ll be fine.


CC: How do you play a leadership role as a senior?

DH: I feel like I have to carry the team through the good and bad. Any positive or negative thing I do, I know they are watching me so it keeps me accountable.


CC: What did you do in order to prepare for regionals?

DH: We went really hard in practice and stayed focused because we wanted to play to the best of our ability.


CC: How has Coach Brooks enhanced your playing?

DH: He sends us videos of drills that we use during practice and he’s caused me to be more aggressive on the court and has increased my playing ability all around.


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