Athletes Suffer From Knee Injuries More Than Any Other

October 29, 2018

Junior Zach Thouson now has to sit in on the sidelines due to a knee injury, he used to be a wrestler and football player but he has had to become a manager of both the wrestling and football team because he can no longer participate in the physical activities. He completely blew out both of his knees, his playing days are officially over.

“Even though I manage sports, I’m still not completely part of the team. I miss the action and excitement of competing,” Thouson said.

Knee injuries are one of the most common types of injuries when it comes to sports. This is especially true when it comes to high school athletics. The most common types of these injuries are usually fractures, dislocations, torn ACLs and tendon tears.

“My injury has extremely affected how I wrestle. I don’t think my knee will ever go back to the way it was before,” Declan Gomez said, “I know I will never be able to use my knee the way I would like to.”

Football and soccer player Evan Howard tore his meniscus and had surgery over the summer. Howard was injured while at football camp. His recovery only lasted around 3 weeks, however, he must go to physical therapy every morning before school.

“Hurting my knee made me realize that the way I do things is not the only way. It has sort of helped me in a way,” Howard said, “I’ve had to change the way I do everything, from running, training and to even just walking around school every day.”

Wrestler and football player Declan Gomez severely bruised his knee this past March. He was in a wrestling match when he slammed his knee down on a mat. He now has to wear knee braces every time he has a match to help prevent this from happening again.

“I definitely think my injury has helped me develop as an athlete because it has taught me new and different techniques,” Gomez said.

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