Junior Varsity Quarterback Dedicates Life To Team

September 24, 2018

Some people find playing school sports and keeping up their grades at the same time unmanageable. Not sophomore football, basketball and straight-A student Nick Sawyer, He embraces the daily physical and mental grind.

“I’ve always worked hard on sports my whole life,” Sawyer said. “My father always told me I have to work just as hard in class as I do on the field.”

Sawyer has also suffered injuries during his time as an athlete. When some people would give up, Sawyer did not give up on his team while he was out facing health problems.

“I just had to stay on top even when I wasn’t playing,” Sawyer said. “I had to be there for my team and make sure my dedication was there to be the best I can be.”

Sawyer’s coaches also see his level of determination in him. Junior varsity basketball coach David Hughes has seen Sawyer’s hard work translate into a winner’s mentality.

“Nick tries to win at everything whether its sports or the classroom,” Hughes said. “He is going to do whatever it takes to be successful.”

Not only does Sawyer have the praise of coach Hughes but also that of head varsity football coach. Without a junior varsity coach, varsity head coach Laron White has been able to see Sawyers hard work and future as an athlete.

“Nick works hard at every sport he plays,” White said. “When you are an athlete that works hard the sky’s the limit.”

Sawyer himself knows that sports is not the only important thing and keeping his grades up is just as important to him as having a winning season. He knows that hours of dedication is key to success, athletically and mentally.

“I work about an hour and a half after school,” Sawyer said. “I know when my body stops functioning in sports I always have my brain, intelligence is key.”


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