Baseball Team Receives New Name

September 5, 2018

Coming in 2020, Madison will be adding a minor league baseball franchise to its list of attractions. Attracting the most attention, however, is the current poll for the possible name of the team.

The final five options are Comet Jockeys, Moon Possums, Space Chimps, Thunder Sharks and Trash Pandas. The most popular name so far is Trash Pandas, which is another name for a raccoon. It is also a subtle reference to Rocket from the “Guardians of the Galaxy” because he is called a trash panda in the movie. The raccoon is indigenous in our area and is known for being smart and resourceful like the engineers that populate Huntsville.

Though this is an exciting name, the other creative options should not be overlooked. Most of the names have explanations that link them to Huntsville and the ballpark, but two are more closely related to our space background than the others. Comet Jockeys and Space Chimps match the theme of the “Rocket City” as they are both tributes to our past triumphs in space exploration.

The Comet Jockeys would be given to the team in honor of the astronauts that explored the final frontier. This name would give the team a special connection to the city and our history. Space Chimps would also have the same effect. Not only is a crazy, astronaut monkey a fun mascot but it honors the monkeys we sent into space before humans. The connection these names have to this city’s history would give the new team a much greater meaning.

No matter what name wins the new team will have a great story to go along with it. Giving this team a special connection to the city it belongs to will give everyone in North Alabama a sense of pride in our aerospace excellence. Honoring our city’s success with this team will make it more than just a baseball stadium, it will become a team worth celebrating.

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