Eighth Grade Student Sets Goals To Achieve Dreams

May 15, 2018

High school sports are difficult. They require hours of hard work, many games under intense pressure with your peers watching and the responsibility of representing your school in a positive way. Imagine facing all of these challenges as an eighth grader.

Eighth-grade tennis standout Ethan Cuzzort is coming off an exceptional year. He played in the number two spot for the varsity squad. He started playing tennis when he was 10-years-old, just four years ago.

“When I was much younger I played all the other basic sports like baseball, soccer, and football but none of them interest me as much as tennis did. I think I like tennis more because you can always improve your game,” Cuzzort said.

The tennis team had a rough year. They struggled for most of the season and finished near the bottom of their section, but the future of Sparkman tennis is bright with Cuzzort leading the team over the next four years. The team is only losing two seniors this year.

“Ethan was a great doubles partner and an even better teammate. We played all the time before the season so we knew each other’s play styles and had a bunch of fun playing with each other. He is a very hard worker and I know he will do great things in the future,” Senior Christian Taylor said.

Cuzzort’s short-term goals are to win the county tournament and to play in the number one spot next year. He hopes to eventually play in college on a tennis scholarship, and he is well on his way to achieving his lofty dreams. For the next year or two, he will continue to have to play competition that is much older and much bigger than him. Playing someone bigger and more experienced than you can be mentally tough, but Cuzzort has dealt with it just fine so far, and he will look to continue his success in his future matches.

“I play to win. When I play much older players it really doesn’t bother me as much as you think it would. I like when people see me as an underdog because I know that I can beat anybody that steps out on the other end of the court,” Cuzzort said.


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