Season Concludes For Girls Soccer

May 3, 2018

As spring bleeds into summer, another season of sports comes to a close. This is the second season under Head Coach Ian Harding, and the players report an improvement in skills and wins under his guidance.

Last season, Harding started coaching the girl’s soccer team, and immediately began integrating his personal coaching techniques. However, the players have had to adjust to his requirements which delayed the visibility of their improvement.  

“The season was pretty good. We had some wins and some losses but we played hard and stuck together. His coaching style is good, but it is different and we were still adjusting to it,” said Madison Rader.

The players feel that this past season was significantly more successful than last year and credit that fact to not only their teamwork and perseverance but their improved footwork. Senior Destyni Brewton also accredits their progress from last season to have a stronger offense and a more controlled midfield.

“[This season] was way better than last year, we had better chances and won more. We still had issues with some of the harder teams, but were still able to have a good season,” sophomore  Julia Helms said. “We have better conditioning and foot skills which are better for us. Lots of the freshman improve their foot skills significantly after [Harding] starts working with them.”

The team was not able to pull off making it to the playoffs this year, so the team’s season concluded with Senior Night. All of the seniors, like Destyni Brewton, were honored and in her case, she celebrated an end to four years of soccer with her fellow teammates. Many of the girls on the team have been involved in soccer in some shape or form since middle school and even elementary school; this final night truly was emotional for some because it meant the end to a life-changing sport.

“I had fun playing one last year with all my friends. Personally, I feel like this season has been great, the team really tried as hard as we could and we got closer to making playoffs than we did last year,” Brewton said. “Senior night was great, four years of soccer for one night, it was perfect. The atmosphere was good and everyone really cared about the seniors.”

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