Eagles Upset Patriots In An Instant Classic

February 6, 2018

The New England dynasty was finally overthrown in an instant Superbowl classic by Nick Foles and Philadelphia’s superior team. The game was not decided by defensive plays in fact there was only one punt the entire game. Special teams were slow on both sides of the ball with two missed extra points and a few missed field goals. The game from start to finish was a game of big offensive plays, and the Eagles were able to complete more than the Patriots.

Early in the half, Patriots wide receiver, Brandin Cooks was hit hard on a post route and wasn’t cleared by the concussion protocol to play the rest of the game. This hurt New England because it now limited 5x Super Bowl champion Tom Brady to three consistent playmaking receivers to play with. Tight-end Rob Gronkowski was targeted the most during the second half and came up with a few big touchdowns before the failed hail-mary attempt in the final seconds of the game. The patriots run game wasn’t tried much even though zone runs resulted in the patriots only touchdown in the first half. Brady still performed like the greatest quarterback he is setting a postseason record of 505 passing yards.

Foles cemented his name in history as the second player to start the season as a backup quarterback and win a superbowl since Brady himself. Foles, the super bowl MVP, threw 28-43 and 373 yards passing and received a touchdown on a trick redzone play extending their lead against the Patriots. The Eagles played ahead of the Patriots for most of the game playing only to conserve their lead rather than increase it like late in the fourth quarter couch Doug Pederson chose to run the clock down and kick a field goal instead of ending the game by making the Patriots need two touchdowns to win. Pederson made a strange special teams call on the final drive of the game that resulted good with Brady and company stuck 92-yards away from the endzone. Constant pressure turned Brady into an average quarterback and slowed the Patriots down so they couldn’t score.

The game came down to a few things. One thing being two trick plays resulting differently for both teams. One where Brady drops the ball thrown by Amendola on a wide open route, and one where Foles catches a touchdown pass from Burdon to extend their lead. Another thing were two turnovers. One from a Foles interception early in the game, and another from Brady staying in a collapsing pocket too long and forcing out a pass that was blocked and turned into a field goal late in the fourth quarter by the Eagles. Personally I think the Eagles roster was a lot stronger than the roster of the Patriots. Eagles were down a star quarterback but had another one as a backup while the Patriots were down two star receivers (Edelman, Cooks). Patriots mysteriously didn’t start Malcom Butler, the corner who saved super bowl XLIX. Coach Bill Belichick said that he did what would give the team the best chance at winning. The Eagles were the better team and they got their first super bowl win over the New England . Now, the question for Philadelphia is who will start at quarterback the man who did the heavy lifting to get to the super bowl or the MVP of the Super Bowl.


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