Bowling Poised for Run at State Title

January 22, 2018

The girls bowling team is on their way to state. After finishing first in the area and third in the region.

The girls bowling team hopes  the win state again after winning it just two years ago. The team does serious work to prepare themselves for a run at state. While they don’t do workouts like the football team would. They do do certain drills that strengthen them for bowling. These drills focus on their arms and legs for their approach to the bowling lane.

“Winning a championship what mean the world to me right now. Finishing my senior year with a championship would just make my senior great.  Winning a championship overall means that we’ve shown how hard we have worked and how good we have become,” senior Jackie Beard said.

The bowling team also spends a large chunk of time looking at stats and tendencies. They look at the oil patterns on each lane before they bowl and use that information to determine what ball to use whether it be a plastic ball or a urethane ball. They also look at rev rates to find out how hard they should throw the ball in order to be most effective. They use video to help perfect their techniques, and they often look at their old scores and compare them to newer ones as well.

“As a team we’ve improved so much from our mistakes from last year when we got eliminated. We’ve worked so hard this season driving ourselves, pushing ourselves to be 10 times better than we were before,” Beard said.

Bowling is a sport where the mind plays a big role in success. Senior, E.J. Jerez bowls for the guys team who fell just a little short of making it into the postseason. According to Jerez it takes mental skill to be a dominant bowler.

“The sport is based on a player’s ability to be consistent and not let things get to them. If there’s a split or a frame is left open, you have to shake it off and focus on the next ball you throw. Anyone can roll a ball down the lane. It’s about how you go about throwing the ball and putting yourself in the mindset to hit your mark,” Jerez said.

Another somewhat unique aspect of bowling is the fact that team cannot be made up of more than eight players. This means that the players are more likely to be closer on a personal level than other sports. There is a different chemistry level than you are likely to see in other sports.

“I will miss having a sense of a second family. I’ve basically grown with these girls all throughout High School, so all of us are really close and not having them after next year is going to be hard. We’re just one big family; I think that’s the biggest thing. On a football team you may not know everybody so you don’t get that group bond with everyone personally,” Beard said. “But for us,we do. Since bowling is not a well recognized sport, nor a well-respected sport we work even harder to show that it is a true sport and that you can be good at it.”


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