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Despite youth, Cross Country Expects to Succeed

August 17, 2017

The cross country team lost several seniors last year.The runners who graduated were leaders on the team, they led the team as captains, as well as leading the team to victory.

They may have lost some good runners, but the remaining runners are going to have to step up and lead the team. Jake Russell, Harrison Miller and Hailey Brown were the seniors that graduated. Out of those three, Russell and Brown received scholarships to run cross country on college teams.

“I definitely think our success will be affected because of the graduated runners. It’s time for people to step up, and take over those roles.” Head Coach Cedric Austin said.

The runners are going into this season with a positive mindset, and a winning attitude. They have trained hard and feel that they are prepared to win. Hey are taking their practices and training one day at a time, in order to prepare and gain endurance for this season. In order to train, they work on improving their time and running as a team. They train as a team, so that they can grow and improve together.

“If we run as team, and train together, we’ll be a successful team this season.” John David Ray said.

Cross country is a sport that takes a lot of endurance. The players can get physically and mentally drained if training and practice isn’t done correctly. They experience tiredness, but have to persevere through it in order to be great. With the correct methods being used, they are able to run long distances, yet still doing it quickly. If the runners do not correctly prepare for each race, they can injure themselves and miss out on chunks of the season. When the pain and tiredness hits them during the race, they have to push through and finish in the quickest possible time.

“I really begin to think about my time when my legs start hurting. I worry that I’m slowing down and not keeping my pace. I have to just push through it, and let it hurt. The finish line is what I have in my mind,” junior Kyler Waters said.

The team seems to be prepared, and ready for a great season. If everyone does their part and steps up, we could see the team bring home a state championship. It’ our job to cheer them on throughout the season, and encourage them throughout their enduring season. Best of luck to the 2017 Cross Country team.

“I’m very excited about this season. It’s my senior year and I would like to make a run. We just need to persevere and push to the finish,” senior Makayla Tomaino said.

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