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Signing Off: Sophomore Reflects On The Good And Bad Of Spring

  Ah, the love of my life; Spring. The one time of year where it’s freezing cold in the morning and warm as a hot summer day in the evening. The longer days and shorter nights make everything about you better. Now, if I was a liar I’d say all of those things were true, thankfully I am not. 

  First of all, Let’s talk about this whole “ Spring Forward” time change thing. I need to know who thought of that, and have a word with his mother. If my day is already long, what makes you think I want to add another hour to my day? Yeah yeah time is valuable I know and we should cherish it. You wanna know what I don’t cherish? Matter of fact, I’ll tell you: waking up an hour earlier to go to a building where I don’t eat lunch till 1:30. Spring forward this, spring forward that, how about we spring into summer cause you are just a walmart version of it. 

   Before I get distracted let’s talk about that one minute week off that you call “ Spring Break.” You should honestly be ashamed to call yourself a break. Explain to me how 168 hours is a break? A break is Summer. A break is Winter break. A break is Thanksgiving break but only because we eat well. This is just embarrassing. If you couldn’t tell by now, everyone loves summer more. 

 Hey.. we should talk. So I know it has been a year since you have been around, and trust me I really do miss you. It’s just that I think we need space away from each other. I need more time to myself to get my life together, and focus on my priorities you know? Not saying you’re a bad thing to have around, it’s just you take more than you bring to the relationship. You are so beautiful, and bring hope to people that summer is near. But it just is not working for me. I’ve known you for almost 17 years and the past two years just haven’t made me feel the same. Like the whole “spring forward” trend was cool two years ago during quarantine, because we got to stay out longer. Now that school is back in and I actually have to do work, I need more time to get things done, while also saving time for myself. Please don’t think just because I am trying to end things that I didn’t enjoy the connection we shared. When you were around you made me feel ways I have never felt before. You reminded me that even when there are long cold nights, seasons don’t last for long and the sun will come out soon. Although you may not be the one for me, I know there is someone out there who can love you better than I can. I wish you nothing but the best and have hopes that we can try again… well I take that back. Thinking of how wishy washy you are makes me know that the decision I am about to make is best for both of us. Sending all my love and support, Amiyah B.

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