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Senior Reflects On Tensions In Ukraine

After years of unfair control and bloodshed over independence, the nation of Ukraine finally emerged from the ashes. On Aug. 24, 1991, the nation claimed its independence after centuries of Russian-dominated control. When Ukraine gained independence from Russia it immediately faced hardships going into trying to succeed as a new nation. In 2014 Russia decided that it wanted Ukraine back under their control, so they began launching missiles and conducting skirmishes with Ukrainian forces. These skirmishes almost led to an all-out war, but because of protest within the country of Ukraine and the growing unpopularity of going to war, the two countries had reached a stalemate that would lay dormant until 2021. 

In Oct. 2021 President Putin ordered the moving of troops near the Russia- Ukraine border. The Ukrainian saw this as a threat and feared a pending invasion from Russian forces. By the holiday season, the Russians had left the gift of 100,000 thousand troops for Ukraine. After the images were taken and confirmed by satellite images the U.S. was informed that the Russians were planning an invasion of the nation as early as 2022. The Russian government has been wanting to expand the borders of their country and regain territory that was lost to them during the two World Wars. 

Seeing these moves by the Russians against Ukraine, the U.S, along with other NATO countries, made it very clear to Putin and the Russian government that they will take measures against Russia if they move into Ukraine. China has been backing Russia in its endeavors to gain control of Ukraine. China has other vested interests in this conflict, though. Russia’s conflict with Ukraine obviously will lead to conflict with the U.S and it will be a chance for China to take on the U.S without having to be directly involved in the conflict. Russia and China’s relationship through the developing conflict with Ukraine could lead to large trouble for not only us as a nation but the Biden administration as well. 

Biden and the rest of NATO have been slow to act on dealing with the Ukraine situation and with the current winter Olympics, it is unlikely the NATO powers will do anything for Ukraine before it is too late. Russia is not in the business of waiting for much longer though, reports show that the invasion of Ukraine could be any day now with over 70% of Russian forces amassed at the border between the two nations. 

With all plans for a diplomatic solution having been tossed out the window, it seems this conflict is inevitable and will not be stopped diplomatically. All that saying I do not think this will lead to another world war. This conflict will be more like a Vietnam or Korea than it will be a World War. The real question that is on my mind in regards to this entire Ukraine- Russia conflict is can Biden navigate our country while dealing with a larger global conflict? Biden’s administration has already proven that it struggles to deal with a conflict of this scale. Not only is it a struggle for the administration but also Biden. Biden has struggled to handle one situation involving our country. Now imagine him trying to handle the struggles of the American people while dealing with a small pocket war between Russia and China. 

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