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Photo Credit: Kameron Glenn

Sophomore Urges Mother Nature To Get It Together

 I am worried about you. Everyone has noticed that you have been feeling “ bipolar” lately, and it is honestly confusing. You went from bright sunshine and blue skies to nasty rain and tornadoes on to freezing cold weather and snow. It is getting exhausting trying to keep up with your mood swings, babe.

   Honestly, it is starting to look like you do not even know what you want. It would be very helpful if you could explain why in December you had warm days and then snow to begin the new year in January? Girl, Christmas is over. Why are you snowing in January? Anyways not only was there a snowstorm but there were flash flood warnings as if ice on the road was not enough. 

   Although the snow was beautiful and eye-catching, schools were closed due to ice on the road. On the bright side, there are a lot of cute pictures on Instagram that people have posted in the snow, so thanks for the “aesthetic photos”.

 It would be a great idea to come up with a plan or have some sort of agreement where we establish the best times to have hectic weather, especially with spring sports coming around the corner. If it starts snowing in February one day, the beautiful blue skies the next, there is going to be a problem.  

   In all actuality, I think it would be best if we decided from now on to devote certain months to specific weather. From December to February there is snow and cold weather only. March and April can be for rain and tornadoes. May through August, nothing but sun and happy days. September to November can be fall, simple.

  Well, that is all I had to say. Please get everything under control, but either way, I am thankful for you and hope things get better.  

Sincerely, Amiyah B.

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