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Photo Credit: Photo illustration by Kameron Glenn

Student Explains Why Fall Is The Greatest Season

Whether it be pumpkin spice, leaves, or Halloween, there are a plethora of objects people associate with the season of fall. With the weather becoming colder as the year goes on, autumn begins, bringing in all sorts of seasonal events, objects and activities to do. Fall is often an overlooked season, as many prefer the warmer seasons, such as spring or summer. With summer and spring break, and many warm activities to participate in, it is very understandable why someone would prefer a season other than fall. However, many summer and spring activities can still be participated in during the fall, while also still having their own unique set of activities and objects. Add all this to the season with Halloween, which while not highly rated among many, is still an amazing holiday. While many prefer Christmas with its cheery spirit and gift-giving, Halloween offers much in terms of holidays, as dressing up as characters and eating candy provides a much bigger sense of fun compared to other holidays. All this disregards the general atmosphere of the season, which could very well be considered the best part. The fall season provides a cozy, comforting atmosphere, without being too overwhelming, as, the Christmas season often is. The atmosphere during the season, however, is also multi-faceted, as during the weeks surrounding Halloween and the month of October, the atmosphere begins to become quite scary and spooky. While many find this annoying, it certainly provides a sense of amusement to both people getting scared and scaring others.

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