Student Who Gave Up Sugar For Lent Shares Advantages And Disadvantages

April 5, 2019

American society as a whole seems to have a developing addiction to sugars. Not just desserts or candies but all sugar substitutes. Anything full of sweet flavor has become a necessity in American households nationwide. With this current craving, I decided it would be a worthy experiment to live a lifestyle without heavy sugar.

For two months, I was unable to eat any food that included sugar as one of the top five ingredients. The largest struggle in the start was discovering what snacks were still available to me. I found myself cutting out all popsicles, cakes, ice creams and cookies. I was limited to crackers and chips for carb filled snacks. In general, I found myself snacking less. I mainly ate meals without a desert to finish it off. Though this sounds somewhat odd, I was never hungry for snacks and began craving salts when I was hungry.

At first the cravings for sugar were strong but as time went on my sweet tooth began to disappear. Along with a new craving for salts, I also began craving natural sugars. This led to an overall healthier diet. I began snacking on fruits more often and enjoying the taste of vegetables I did not previously enjoy. My outlook on eating began to change as my horizons expanded.

A life without sugar made me feel healthier and allowed me to lose a few pounds. I also felt better while working out. I could run farther, faster and longer. I felt lighter but I found myself slightly tired. I was unable to stay awake all day without the extra push from sugar. However, I learned to stay awake the longer I lived without sugar.

The hardest thing to avoid was drinks. Almost all drinks have sugar. Aside from water and black coffee, I was unable to discover anything else to drink. There were no sodas, no sweet tea, no crazy coffees, no juices and no sports drinks. Water got boring and coffee became my only source of caffeine. It took weeks for the craving of sugary drinks to diminish but it did eventually go away.

A life without sugar does not limit one’s pallet too much. There are still plenty of savory and salty foods to eat but sugar is still an enjoyable part of life that I missed. The most difficult part was watching others enjoy the glories of sugary snacks. Though sugar is not a necessary part of life, it is still a treat people deserve from time to time. The key is not to indulge, but to enjoy in moderation.

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