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North Carolina’s Proposed Grading Law Could Have Negative Affects On Student Body

March 15, 2019

The North Carolina General Assembly (law makers) proposed a bill last week that would change the current grading scale used in public schools. The new bill under consideration would adjust the current grading scale by 15 points. Making an 85 an A and 70 a B. The old scale or the standard scale used around the country is a ten point scale, meaning a 90 is an A and an 80 is a B.

If the bill is passed it would take effect during the 2019-2018 school year. The bill would only affect state public schools and would only affect students who are in Elementary School, Middle School and High School.

I personally do not think the bill should be passed. The main reason I think the proposed bill is not a good idea is that it is a big change and there is a lot more room to slack of. On the old standard grading scale to pass a class you must have at least a 60 percent average. If the bill is passed the required passing grade would drop from a 60 percent average to a 40 percent average.

The reason this could be a potential problem is if students who generally slack off in school or do not care that much could take advantage of it. Knowing that all they have to do to pass a class is have a 40 percent average, they would not study or put forth effort into making a good grade.

The bill is currently under careful consideration by the state of North Carolina. If this bill is passed it could possibly be one of the biggest changes that North Carolina had ever seen to their school system, or any school system, for that matter.


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