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Youtube Trend Sweeps The Nation

March 12, 2019

Originating in Korea, an entertainment phenomenon has resurfaced the web, commonly known as mukbangs. A mukbang is a Korean term translating to “an eating broadcast.” After the massive explosion of popularity of mukbangs in Korea, it did not take long for Americans to culturize it. Currently, you can find mukbangs everywhere. Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and other large social media platforms. What about these odd videos is so interesting?

Having empty time on your hands can be such a bother. Not to mention being alone and having no one to truly communicate with. Mukbangs allow people who spend most of their time alone, for whatever reason, to have someone to entertain them and interact with them. Mukbangs could be compared to that of football games, gameplay, and makeup videos. They are just overall entertaining, especially with the added commentary of the so-called, “mukbanger.” Perhaps someone is not having a good day and they want to unwind and escape from their stressful life for a few minutes. While they enjoy their appetizing meal, if their entertainment choice is a mukbang, they could find themselves listening to a mukbanger’s story, how their day was, or even just rambling, all the while the mukbanger is stuffing their face with various foods.

Someone is a week into their diet and are feeling like they are moments away from cheating. Why ruin your health when you could just vicariously live through someone else ruining theirs? As odd as it sounds, mukbangs can serve as an outlet to viewers who are bettering their diet choices. Different mukbangs can range from pigging-out on fatty, carb-loaded foods to even just enjoying a simple healthy keto meal. That is the beauty of the mukbang, you get all the aesthetically pleasing views of the food, without the calories, not to mention someone else is tasting it for you. Rather than cheating on your New Year’s resolutions, try out a mukbang. It is worth a shot.

While some people use it as a dieting tool, others think of it as just the opposite. Eating disorders continue to be a huge issue in today’s society. The effect of the eating disorder can cause them to lose their appetite. In the process of rehabilitation, some find that watching mukbangs increases their appetite. Something about watching a mukbanger shove greasy, mouth-watering food down their throats sparks their hunger.

Although having mukbangs is a peculiar trend in the world, it can be justified by valid arguments. Eating with strangers on the internet is a bizarre thought at first, but when one sits and realizes the other trends that have occurred in the past few years, it can be ignored. If ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) is justified in the community, as well as eating tide pods and wearing crocs, then mukbangs should be the least of our worries.

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