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State Passes Law To Protect Against Cultural Discrimination In Workplace

March 8, 2019

Even in 2019, people of color still have many problems to overcome. With them constantly being discriminated against in the workplace, people of color‒especially African Americans‒have no choice but to conform to unrealistic standards. Recently in New York however, a law was passed to prohibit employers from discriminating against people with natural hair. This new law has sparked much conversation from many groups of people across the country.

While some people believe that the law is pointless, it was one that was needed. Because people of color have a different type of hair than their white counterparts, they had to go through different steps to groom their hair.

However, because of old racial prejudice people of ethnic descent are given only two choices at times when it comes to their hair. They may have to either use harsh chemicals or heat to straighten their hair, or be faced with the possibility of losing their job. With this new law, people of color are now legally able to embrace their culture at all times. Without this law, citizen in New York would still face the fear of not getting a job or being fired over their hair.

It is possible that this law can affect people across the country. While the law would be met with much outrage and controversy, it would eventually push for more equality among people of color.

While some may believe that people of color already have equal rights, they are actually far from it. Because of racial prejudice in country, it has pushed a law like this and other to be passed. It came as a great achievement to people of color, who can now have peace of mind about embracing their culture.

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