Society’s Standards On Beauty Have Changed

March 6, 2019

Men have been doing makeup for centuries in movies, television and on stage, although not many have been bold enough to do dramatic looks on the internet.. Along with doing makeup, some of these men have decided to go the extra mile and create their own businesses and makeup lines.

In 2016, the well-known makeup brand Covergirl announced their first male spokesperson, 17-year-old James Charles. With around 10 million subscribers on his youtube and instagram accounts, Charles is attempting to create a more accepting environment to allow men to participate in beauty trends that normally are restricted specifically to women.

Since 2016, Charles has expanded upon his outlets and he has started modeling and he also did a collab with Morphe, making his own palette that has been sweeping the internet since the moment it released.

Alongside Charles, there are many other male beauty influencers on different social platforms that make quite a similar impact, like Jeffree Star, Manny Gutierrez (Manny MUA) and Patrickstarrr. Much like Charles, Star has created his own makeup line in order to create a living out of his hobby and passions.

Much like painting or creating miniature towns, makeup is a hobby. Generally, makeup has been meant for women and is only acceptable for them, but now more men are starting to express their love for this creative outlet. Mostly, makeup on men is associated with being gay one transgender, but in some cases, the man is not either. Bringing social acceptance into the makeup industry is a task that needed to be done, and now some men are finally getting the chance to step up to the plate to take action.

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