Student Addresses Holiday Decorating Timeline

November 16, 2018

As the holiday season arrives we are rushing to redecorate houses, rooms and even our yards. However, one thing that never fails is that store companies bring their holiday merchandise out earlier than the holiday itself, which is kind of ridiculous.

It was mid-September when the grocery stores started setting up for Halloween. We have a whole month before we even start thinking about what we dress as or if we just want to shut all the light off. We can’t just have another couple weeks of peace because we get bombarded by sales on candy, costumes and decorations. Then we feel like we are obligated to buy these things because if we procrastinate we get left with all the bad candy and ugly costumes.

Then there is Thanksgiving and Christmas. The most stressful time of the year for most households. We have to decide what food we have to cook, which family members to invite and which ones we should avoid sitting by at the table, but most importantly what decorations to buy. If you don’t have a decorative house then you’re boring.

Which then leads again to the bombarding of Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations. Halloween hasn’t even passed before the stores are filling up with Christmas lights to hang up or even which Christmas trees are the best to buy. Then all the Thanksgiving-themed cookies are on sale because they are trying to make more room for the Christmas cookies. Ultimately numerous people feel that decorations should be stocked at least in the month the holiday is celebrated. In order to enjoy one holiday at a time.

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