Black Friday Does Not Always Bring The Best Deals

November 16, 2018

The Friday after every Thanksgiving is every retail workers’ nightmare. Black Friday. This shopping day has been around since 1961 and every year, hundreds, maybe even thousands of families line up to get the hottest deals of the year.

Black Friday seems like a good deal, seeing that the prices are marked so low, but this is not always the case. Companies mark prices up slowly weeks, or even months in advance in preparation of this day. Since they mark the prices up higher, they make more money off of the products leading up to Black Friday, but also during since the prices are dropped to a similar price as the original. Prices seem so low that people will even go to the measures of a physical fight to get their hands on whatever they desire or just impulsively want.

Even though there are tons of other opportunities to save more, there are plenty of people who only know about Black Friday. With sales almost every holiday, semi-annually and annually, Black Friday does not meet expectations for people used to paying the least for the most.

Cyber Monday is a better (and safer) alternative to Black Friday and it is done in the comfort of home. Avoiding the lines and trampling, even better deals are only a few clicks away from the first Monday after Thanksgiving. On sites like Amazon, Wish and Zaful, deals are found Cyber Monday and before. Skip the hassle and save more, shop during Cyber Monday, semi-annual or annual sales.


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