Dylan Brotherton

Parental Pressure Could Cause Student Stress

November 14, 2018

We are constantly put under pressure. From school to sports, the smallest things can get under our skin. It can be what pushes us to succeed or what drives us to fail. Although they have our best interest at heart, parents can be one of the largest sources of pressure we encounter.

We love our parents and they love us, but that is not always what it feels like. They constantly stress the importance of grades and success. Making sure we make it to college is one of their top priorities, and they like to remind us of that. Unfortunately, we often do not agree with our parents’ priorities. We know college is important. We know we should get good grades. We know we should be dedicated to our sport. We know a lot of things, but it is hard to care about them when it is all our parents talk about.  

We wake up, we come to school, we go to practice, we do homework and we go to sleep. What more could parents want? They know where we are just about every second of every weekday. The schedule never changes. Sadly, between each activity, there is just enough time to cram in the thoughts of stress. There is always enough time for that. When is that project due? What classes do I have tomorrow? Do I have a test? These thoughts swirl through our brain like a hurricane leaving a mess that we have to clean up.

Once we clean up the mess, we regain just enough sanity to decide what needs to be done. Of course, the second we come in contact with our parents, the organization goes out the door. They hound you with questions you thought you just answered. Suddenly, you cannot remember what you did in class today or if you had homework. Your mind goes into code red digging through its memories and wreaking havoc. Your emotions go haywire and start screaming in your mind as they work tirelessly to try and figure out what’s going on.

Pressure does not just come from parents but their pressure has a power unlike any other. Parents don’t seem to understand just how much kids crave their approval. They work and give it everything to make their parents proud, whether they like to admit it or not. What students need isn’t for parents to push them in the perfect direction, just in the right direction. There is a balance between pressure and support that seems to be tipping toward pressure quite quickly. Students need some pressure to motivate them, but society does that enough on its own. Students need their parents to support them as they move into their fear filled-future.

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