Dylan Brotherton

Drug Awareness Assembly Affects Student Mental Health

October 31, 2018

Students in public school grade have all experienced “Red Ribbon Week.” This drug awareness week has been around since 1985 and is celebrated annually from Oct. 23-31.

This past Tuesday, Oct. 23, sophomores were brought into the gym to be given a speech on being drug-free. Although the topic seems purely informative and honestly helpful, this topic is very sensitive to many students and adults in today’s society. Sitting in the gym, several students seemed uncomfortable, upset or just made a joke of the hour and a half spent there.

Growing up in a drug-infested home can be physically and emotionally taxing and some students even have PTSD from bad childhood experiences from drugs and can get triggered by the sight of paraphernalia. Yes, some people are just sensitive and get easily offended, but this should have had more thought put into it before being played for all of the sophomores to see.

A few days after the sophomores, the freshman class rallied to watch the same 40-minute long offensive video, but juniors and seniors have not been required to watch this clip. Although freshman and sophomores are more susceptible to falling into the habit of drug abuse, juniors and seniors have more access to drugs.

Red Ribbon Week is a good way to spread awareness of drug abuse and the dark side of the high, but this was not the way to go. Videos that are not suitable for all audiences should never be shown in public school, no matter the age.

The Red Ribbon Assembly was sponsored by the Madison County Sheriff’s Department.

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