Halloween Leaves Teenagers Without

October 30, 2018

The first 30 days of October is a bleak month for teenagers: work, school and other activities fill up the schedules of teenagers around the country. October 31 is a moment of candy, haunted houses and costumes meant for toddlers which leaves high-schoolers in a limbo and makes them think on what they could do.

Should they go out into the streets alone in defiance of adults or go to a Halloween party? Or even stay home and dole out candy to the disparate children that come and go. This brings me to say that adults should not discriminate the high-schoolers that just want to live out the little amount of childhood that they have left.

While there are some teenagers that throw to hats on, call themselves cowboys and ask for candy, not all high-schoolers are like that. Some want to do what the younger kids are doing, pick out elaborate costumes and walk through sidewalks and go door-to-door. Halloween is the last vestige of childhood that high-schoolers have. The yarns of Santa bringing presents and the Tooth Fairy laying money under pillows have long since been shoved into the realms of fantasy.

Teenagers are supposed to have fun but parents are opposed to partying, so why is it that those same parents are reluctant to the idea of teens trick-or-treating? If any typical teen has a choice between staying at home or sneaking out and going to a party, most would pick the latter.

Even though trick-or-treating may not seem safe, it is a high-reward-low-risk tradition. As long as it is planned out well and semi-large groups travel together it will be a time for immense candy and fun.

The scraps of an innocent childhood are fading inside of every soon-to-be-adult, so for any of them that want to dress up as Micheal Myers and run around with a pillowcase, let it happen. Teens will want to have fun whether it’s legal or not and can’t we let them have a day for them to have memories to talk to their friends through the years.


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