Brayden George

Teams Try New Methods For Greater Success

October 25, 2018

Saban’s tenure with the Alabama Crimson Tide has been nothing but whipped cream on an ice cream sundae. A total record of 140-20 and 10-4 in the playoffs with five national championships and countless SEC titles according to This is an outstanding number and shows an ability to adapt and change to the new players that come and go.

Countless other teams have been dominant in years past, like the 1995 Nebraska Cornhuskers or the Miami Hurricanes of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. But people wonder why Alabama has lasted so long and is still dominant this season, going undefeated in SEC play and overall play. Most Bama fans remember the years before Saban, as an average team at best and were the laughingstock of the SEC.

Saban entered as a head coach after a short tenure in the NFL, the scheme that came with him completely changed the way coaches and fans look at the game. Even though Alabama may stifle other teams’ chances to reach the playoffs, it challenges teams to beat them. Which in turn is improving teams of all divisions.

Teams all over the country hate on Alabama constantly for beating down on their beloved team. Colleges all over the country are being less targeted by blue chip players. But teams that recruit well should be in the same spot that Alabama is in.

The truth is that Alabama is a team that rides off of Saban’s recruitment. That may drag down teams that have lesser facilities and have weak recruitment, but that means those same teams are trying new methods and have greater success. Saban’s “ruining” of the FBS is actually improving it by pushing teams to try new things.

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