The Supreme Court has had controversy before over the confirmation of justices.

Staffers Take Stance on Kavanaugh Situation

October 5, 2018

PRO: Ford’s story too convenient to be true

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Suddenly, crazy stories of past events have come to light near the time of an important election. Is it a coincidence or just convenient that someone has stood up to accuse Will Anthony Kavanaugh as he is about to be elected into an important position.

Kavanaugh was accused of sexual harassment that supposedly occurred when he was in high school. The story has been investigated by the FBI and testimony has been given before the court. While the story started off as a convincing and powerful call for justice, it has quickly been discredited by faulty evidence. The court felt the need to believe Christine Blasey Ford in her testimony but the first discovered lie led to the unraveling of her entire story.

Most of the witnesses denied that the assault ever happened. Others Ford was close to confessed that most of her facts were lies. The most discouraging detail was that she trained for the polygraph. Her ex-boyfriend said that one of her witnesses was also trained for it. This truly discredited her and her accusations.

Before the story was discredited, it already seemed too convenient. People were protesting the election of Kavanaugh but no one had really caught the public or court’s attention  like Ford’s riveting confession. Her testimony got the public thinking about the whether they believed or trusted her rather than question the election of Kavanaugh. It became a game between those who supported Ford and those who sided against her.

The court’s decision is no longer based on the credibility and qualification of Kavanaugh. It’s about the credibility of Ford’s story. It can be hard for someone to come forward about something as serious as sexual assault but why would she come forward with such important information 30 years later? The timing makes the entire case suspicious. Only coming forward when the man is about to be elected for an important position makes it seem more like a smear campaign than justice.


CON: Reliable evidence cannot be ignored in Kavanaugh confirmation

The Supreme Court is an institution in which the members serve for life and have the ability to make decisions that affect the lives of every American. Brett Kavanaugh has been accused of sexual assault by multiple women, the most corroborated and thus most credible of these is Christie Blasey Ford’s allegation that he attempted to rape her while in high school. Her testimony was powerful and there is insubstantial evidence to accuse her of fabricating any of it.

Taken as a whole, all of these allegations, however credible you may find them, should reveal a possible pattern of misconduct and give reason to believe Ford’s experience with Kavanaugh was not an isolated incident.

Even if you do not believe (wrongly in my opinion) that an attempted rape three decades ago should interfere with one’s life today, these behaviors all characterize Kavanaugh as someone who repeatedly abused his power and privilege, and who deemed some people, particularly women, as not worthy of regard or equal treatment. If one does not understand consent or have respect for another person’s bodily autonomy, then they do not deserve to hold power in a society, especially a position as powerful as Supreme Court justice.

There is reliable evidence that Kavanaugh perjured himself repeatedly throughout his testimony, ranging from mischaracterizing witness testimony to evasiveness and lies about his yearbook quotes. In his testimony, he also acted out of pocket on several occasions, displaying disrespect for the process, lashing out at interrogators, and bizarrely being reduced to tears in the strangest of moments. This is not the temperment of a person tasked with making the most important judicial decisions of our time. One can only imagine the ignominy Ford would have faced had she acted in such a way. To me, the most alarming thing about Kavanaugh’s testimony was his opening assertion that this controversy was intentionally designed and concocted by Democrats to ruin him. Such a partisan and untrue statement, in my mind, should be automatically disqualifying. (I’d be willing to argue at length that it is actually Republicans who are ‘playing politics’ and using partisan tricks to influence the Supreme Court, but that is not specifically relevant to the moment’s discussion.)

Also, the F.B.I. investigation that was authorized last week was a complete waste of time. In the end, it lasted only two days and culminated in the interviews of just nine individuals. A good piece of investigative journalism would contain more than twice that number of sources. This reveals what many believed all along, that Republicans were using as a cover to vote “Yes” on the pretense that it would be the ultimate authority and will bring the conclusive proof. It, of course, did not.

With regard to the accepted confirmation process and without regard for ideological differences, I believe we could all agree on these universal terms: in order to deny confirmation to any nominee, there should be a clear reason involving legal conflicts or issues with character. With the events that have occurred in his past and within the last week, Kavanaugh, objectively, checks both of these disqualifying boxes.

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