New Nike Campaign Brings Varying Views

September 27, 2018

The iconic Nike swoosh is probably recognizable to most people in the world. It can be found almost anywhere, from the halls of schools to the fields of the NFL. After launching the “Just Do It” campaign 30 years ago, the company decided to take a new stance with the campaign, using controversial athlete Colin Kaepernick. This new campaign has come with varying views.

One of the ads shows a close up picture of Kaepernick that displays the words: “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything”.

People have taken to social media outlets such as Twitter to voice their opinions on the ad. While opinions varied, the ones against the advertisement have shown to be more prominent. Most calling the football player out for his actions in 2016 and the company for using him as a spokesperson, saying that Kaepernick’s actions are unacceptable and that the company should have decided against the idea of using him.

The former 49ers quarterback made headlines in September 2016 for his controversial decision to kneel during the national anthem. This caused much outrage from people who saw the kneeling as disrespect to veterans, however, this was not Kaepernick’s intention. He decided to kneel to bring attention to police brutality in the United States, which has shown to be a growing problem in the country.

In response to highlighting Kaepernick, people are urging others to protest the company. While some have decided to not buy the merchandise anymore, encouraging people to buy other brands such as Under Armour or Adidas, others have taken a more extreme turn. Some have gone as far as to burn the merchandise and post it to social media which quickly caught the attention of many.

However, not all people are against Kaepernick or Nike. People have shown much appreciation for the actions made by both the company and the athlete. This has caused Nike sales to increase by at least 6 billion dollars since the release of the ad, according to the Huffington Post.

While some people believe the company is really not doing anything to help, they are actually doing things that are going unnoticed. One thing is donating to Kaepernick’s charity; Know Your Rights. This was started by the star as a way to bring awareness to things such as higher education and self-empowerment. It also helps give instructions on how to interact with law enforcement in different scenarios.

While the company did make a business move, it also helped bring more attention to a growing problem in the United States. They may not have made a huge impact on anything, but they have helped keep the conversation of police brutality growing.


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