Students Anonymously ‘Spill The Tea’

September 25, 2018

According to Urban Dictionary, “tea” is gossip or personal information belonging to someone else. Instagram and Snapchat tea accounts post inappropriate pictures, rumors and personal information about students and staff, but the worst part is, the students are the ones running these anonymous slander accounts.

These “tea” accounts are used for several different reasons. Students everywhere can be affected by this, including schools all across America. These accounts have high chances of having content that is not school appropriate, or even legal for that matter. Students are affected every day by the things their classmates and “friends” post online for the world to see.

Students can be suspended and often expelled from school because of these accounts, and in some cases, the distribution of child pornography is involved. There can be serious consequences, in and out of school, to these actions. One student might take an inappropriate picture and by the end of the day, almost half the school has seen it. Images and rumors spread around schools quicker than wildfires.

Parents and teachers are unaware of this situation in most cases, and some parents are completely unaware of who their kids follow and add. Accounts can be made private where only certain people can see the content on the page, thus preventing responsible adults to view these. This is one of the ways that students keep these accounts a complete secret. Even if they are not tea accounts, many students with Instagram accounts keep them on private for privacy reasons, or for the fact that they don’t want family members to see their posts.

Students should not be sending these inappropriate pictures and content in the first place, but these “tea” accounts are making it easier to get them out there. Most of the time the owners of these accounts are unknown, they keep their identity a secret so no one knows who they are, including the people sending in the content.

“I drink tea, I don’t spill it,” sophomore Dylan Lancaster said.


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