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The NBA season begins in November and ends in June.

The NBA season begins in November and ends in June.

T.J. Dragotta of

T.J. Dragotta of

The NBA season begins in November and ends in June.

A Longer NBA Season Benefits In The Long Run

September 11, 2018

The NBA season needs to be longer. Players all over the league, no matter their level of longevity, face fatigue and risk of injury. Adding two weeks onto the NBA schedule is sure to fix this for many players.

Stretching out the NBA season by two weeks helps remove the burden of back to back games on players sometimes playing four games in seven days. This also makes room for more efficient basketball so that teams can now get full value from their players without them playing below their skill levels because of fatigue.

Even players such as LeBron James, Stephen Curry and James Harden all NBA ‘Most Valuable Player’ award winners, have sometimes had their play dampened because of the current length of the season. Expanding the length of the season by 14 days is sure to provide more exciting performances from the affect top guys.

This issue does not only NBA stars, up and coming stars have had their careers nearly ended due to the wear and tear of the physical schedule that is in place right now. Some players have never received the chance to be great in the league because their body has not been conditioned for the current season length.

Ruling the season longer by two weeks makes for more productive and thrilling rookie showcases. Rookies won’t have to change their condition too much because of the similarity to the college schedule. First-year players will also be able to give their all to a game while not facing the terrible grind that players had to before them.

The NBA schedule being shortened benefits everybody in the league, stars, rookies, bench players and coaches alike. The league will see more a satisfying and entertaining product by stretching the season length, assuring for more worldwide viewers as well.

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