How It Feels To Be An Only Child Again

August 31, 2018

I used to think that when my sister would move out, I would be ecstatic. Peace and quiet, a new room and my own bathroom were all things that came to mind when I visualized my sister packing her bags and hitting the road.

Now that she is away and absorbing all the education college has provided her with, I find myself feeling a bit nostalgic. Although we did not spend every single hour of the day with each other, her absence at my house dawns on me more than once a day.

My sister, Camille, moved out on Aug. 18 to further her education at Belmont University. I am always going to be jubilant for her of course, however, I remember that I will never be living in the same house as her again. I will not be able to rush into her room and discuss anything I want with her at any given time. No, she is not unattainable. In fact, I can still text or call her when she is not working or in school, but it is just not the same.

I could always count on my sister to burst into the room while I am watching Netflix, forcing me to pause the show so that she could discuss an important issue that she was adamant about. She seemed to be like that with all issues, there was no changing her mind. It did not bother me at all though, I would be learning about new affairs that I was not aware of the day before.

No one understood how we could go from yelling at each other to sitting and laughing in our kitchen. Come to think of it, we ourselves did not even understand how that worked. Nonetheless, I knew at the end of the day, if anyone had provoked me, I could always go to her to back me up.

I have never lived in a house alone without any of my siblings. It is quite scary I must admit. Considering I am my mother’s last child, I assume that it is a tough time for my mom as well. After raising children for 26 years, I am positive that she will have a hard time saying goodbye to all of us.

I know that my sister will visit every now and then, but going through high school without her here is a little distressing. Make sure that you hold on tight to your siblings, because your time together passes by quickly. Seems like just yesterday we were in elementary school together. Now as we pass through this incredibly challenging time in our lives, I hope that we can come to appreciate and respect each other better than we ever have before.



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