Girl Suffers Severe Injuries After Friend Pushes Her Off Bridge

August 31, 2018

Friends usually are seen fighting over boys or why one is wearing the others new shirt, but most friends do not fight over whether their friend should go to jail or not.

16-year-old Jordan Holgerson and 18-year-old Taylor Smith decided to go jump off of a Washington State bridge. Sounds like something ones mother would ask them, “If your friend jumped off of a bridge, would you?” Holgerson has planned to jump along with Smith, but her everything changed when she got there.

She wanted to jump and she was scared, Smith told ABC News. Holgerson had asked Smith to give her a push and she did not think about the consequences.

Jumping off a bridge sounds like fun to those the thrill excites, but falling due to someone else’s decision is a different story. It is confusing why someone would want to be pushed off a bridge into water 60 feet below.

Holgerson told the Today Show that she never wanted her friend to push her, and would not have returned the favor if she had been asked.

Taylor suffered six broken ribs, punctured lungs and a great deal of pain due to the unexpected fall. Holgerson now believes Smith should pay for her actions and be sent to jail. A year long friendship has come to an end, at the moment they are not even acquaintances.

Two people probably are not that close if one wants to send the other to jail. Smith is just 18. She has her whole life ahead of her. Going to jail will ruin her life for an honest mistake she did not think would hurt anyone.

Smith has charged with reckless endangerment which Holgerson is not happy about. She would prefer Smith to be put behind bars for a short period of time to reflect on the pain that she has caused her.


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