Mental Health Is Serious

May 22, 2018

Mental health needs will always be an important topic. As someone who has struggled with mental health for several years, it hurts to see that what I and others alike go through does not get the attention it needs.

Mental health is glorified in TV shows old and new such as Lizzie McGuire, Full House and Pretty Little Liars. This then causes romanticization of mental health issues in real life. One episode cannot depict a real picture of what really happens during the day of someone dealing with mental health issues. Today, it is thrown around that everyone has mental health issues, but rarely proven.  While some mental health disorders are self-diagnosable, others are not.

Falsely diagnosing oneself can cause a burden on those who really have strong mental issues, such as anxiety or bipolar disorder. We as people have to learn to take issues such as these seriously. It is sad to see someone who does not understand mental health refuse to get to know those who experience it.

People have to realize that it is not okay to throw around labels that they do not know the meaning of. Romanticizing mental illnesses and what those diagnosed go through does not make them feel better. It seems like nothing, but for those who endure the appointments and the medication it takes to help their situation, it hurts them to pretend to know what people with real mental health issues go through.

If one does not understand the actual depths of what the mentally ill go through it is okay to ask questions. People that are not mentally ill should stop wanting to be when those who are want nothing but to be free of it.


Things to remember if you know someone that is suffering from mental illnesses:

It is not their fault.

Don’t be mad if they want to take a day to themselves.

Mental illness is not something you can just “get over”.

It is okay to ask questions.

They appreciate you, even if they don’t say it.

You are not supposed to “fix” them.

Mental illness does not define someone’s character.


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