Opioid Babies Are Born Every Half Hour

May 21, 2018

Opioid babies are also known as NAS babies ( Neonatal abstinence syndrome). This happens when babies are exposed to drugs while still in the womb. Every 25 minutes a drug-addicted infant is born.

NAS babies are checked every three to four hours. They have roughly 31 severe withdrawal symptoms that include excessive crying, sweating, tremors and frequent yawning. Doctors use a method called scores to determine whether to give them small doses of methadone or other medications to overcome their drug addictions. Many think that getting them hooked makes them worse and just makes their hospital stay longer.

There have been studies showing that drug-addicted babies do better when their mother stays with them. When a NAS baby is born, the baby is usually taken from the mother and the mother then goes into a treat for herself and the child is treated elsewhere. But many mothers want to get their child back once they have recovered, but the child has normally been handed over to child protective services by this time.

Different drugs used while pregnancy have different effects on the unborn child. Mothers who are pregnant and using drugs are very likely to be abusing more than one drug. But methadone is the go-to drug to help wean the babies off their addiction.

Long-term effects vary on the drug the mother has abused during her pregnancy, though the babies go through the worst part when they are about one day old, they endure a life full of hardships.

Cocaine use during pregnancy will result in later on behavioral issues. Many researchers believe it will also lead to risks like seizures, depression, schizophrenia and Parkinson’s diseases.

Heroin use during pregnancy has a great impact on behavior and cognitive development. Due to heroin use during pregnancy infants can suffer from lower IQ levels and defective memory recall. Babies that are withdrawing from heroin are very irritable and like many other NAS babies, they have to be in a quiet environment.

We can resolve these problems rising each day is too be more mindful of how the drug epidemic is affecting the person using but ask the upcoming generation. Take drastic measures to make it easier for them to get help. And get funding for NAS babies care.


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