Seniors Lose Interest In Awards Day

May 16, 2018

Every year the guidance department hosts a senior awards day during one of the last two weeks of school. This is where students are awarded scholarships they have received from universities and other organizations. This year the senior class was awarded over 10 million dollars in scholarships to further their education.  

The awards day was held on an E-learning day, which is where students get counted as present for doing their online assignments. Parking would have been an issue if this had been done on a regular school day since family and friends come to support the seniors receiving awards, but a good deal of seniors did not show up to receive their award. There were even some school representatives who did not have a single student present to receive an award. Montevallo, for example, drove two hours to recognize seven students receiving scholarships and not one of them was at the ceremony. This was beyond embarrassing not only for the administration but it made the whole senior class as a whole look lazy.

Along with some of the award-winning students not showing up, there were numerous students who were called up to receive scholarships from more than one school because they have not declined the money yet. Not only is this tacky but could be preventing other students from receiving money that they may need in order to achieve a higher education. It also caused some confusion for some of the school representatives in attendance such as the couple presenting scholarships from Tuskegee.

Sixty-four students were given special recognition at this ceremony. These are students that have taken six or more advanced placement classes in their four years of high school. In Madison County, we had the highest number of Superintendent Scholars out of any of the other high schools. All of these high achieving students work very hard throughout their high school career to reach this point. It is a shame that some do all of this work for scholarships, then do not care to be recognized for their accomplishments.


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