Student Shares Opinion On Country Music Genre

May 15, 2018

Country music is one of the most hated as well as one of the most popular music genres. Everyone has a music preference, and some overlook certain genres due to stereotypes and not wanting to venture past their go-to genre. Country music is definitely more than “Your Man” by Josh Turner.

As someone who listens to mainly country music, I tend to stick to what I like during car rides, extra time in class or just relaxing because it is what I know and what I am comfortable with. Of course, there are other songs across the genre board that I love that reveal the depth of the genre and makes me what to listen to more songs and artist.

Exploring different genres is hard when you have a favorite. Jumping from a totally different genre to another is difficult, but sometimes when you find a song from a genre you would never think of, it opens your eyes to what you are missing. Pop music is the closest genre to the new modern country, while the songs in both genres still vary in style, tone and message they are similar. If you like pop, country music can be for you also. The same goes for all genres.

Country music is definitely not all about girls, trucks and beer. It is hardly any of them. A big part of all genres is love and relationships, and country is no exception. The only time country music is “good” is when big songs such as “Die A Happy Man” by Thomas Rhett expand into something everyone knows and love, but these people still hate country music even when a song that shows what country music is all about. You can’t like a song from a genre but not like the genre as a whole. There are plenty more songs that are just as good or better that are unknown to many because they do not make it to the top of the charts.

Artists in country music dedicate themselves to creating songs that relate to the audience. From music about losing someone you love, to angry songs about cheating exes. One of the most recent songs “Cry Pretty” by Carrie Underwood relates to everyone. No matter how well you keep yourself together, you can’t cry pretty. Not only are the lyrics are relatable but the songs are catchy and have ranging sounds from electric guitar, drums, and bass to straight acoustic.  The country music community is a family.

The only reason people don’t like country music is because they do not give it a chance. Do not knock it until you try it.


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