Tips For Registering For Next Year’s Classes

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February 8, 2018

As this year is coming to a close, we must begin to plan ahead for next year. It is crucial to plan what courses you will take so you can have happy years in high school. Here are some tips for registering for next year:


  1.       Know Your Interests: Before signing up, question what you personally like. Is it art, music or writing? This kind of questioning comes in handy when you are picking your electives. Spend time in a class that you may enjoy so take classes that peak your interest or dabble in your hobby.
  2.      Be Smart: Pick classes that you know you will gain knowledge that you can take with you in the future.  You should never pick classes for the heck of it or else you will waste your time.
  3.       Challenge Yourself: There is nothing wrong with taking “hard”: classes. It is the chance to challenge yourself and push yourself. Take AP classes or take courses that are deemed as difficult.
  4.   Be Independent: Don’t pick a class because your friends are also in the class. Venture out and make new ones.
  5.       Watch out For Degree Requirements: Taking classes that you may enjoy is great but remember what you need to graduate. Take care of those classes as you decide which ones you want.
  6.       Have an Idea of the Class Before Going In: Read the requirements for the class or ask someone who has taken the course. When you do that, you will be mentally prepared which will benefit you once you are in the class.


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