Martin Luther King Jr. Tribute

January 18, 2018

“I Have A Dream…” is one of the most prominent phrases that echo when we reflect on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As days get dark with racial injustice, we must ponder the prejudice that still affects America as well as the rest of the globe and fulfill the dream of justice and equality in our society. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is not a day to just simply be out of school, it is a day to commemorate what he has done to attain a better society with peace and equality.

King was more than the “I Have A Dream” guy, he was ONE of the key leaders that progressed the civil rights movement. He was involved in the Memphis Sanitation Worker Strike which was a protest against the discrimination black workers faced in the dark of unhealthy working conditions and low pay. King also was a leader for the Montgomery Bus Boycott and even though he was sent to jail, the movement became a huge success. His advocacy for social change has led to notable legislations being passed and his love pushed an ideology of peace and faith. King has done numerous things for the African-American community and what he has done has carried a legacy that we can never forget.

In modern day, our nation is still troubled with issues of discrimination and injustice. This kind of misconduct in America shields us away from what King believes in which is peace and equality. His preachings of hope and love needs to be one of our constant reminders that our society needs to grow tenderly in a humane manner so no human no matter of race, creed, gender, etc. can feel less than another human. Even though we have made progress over the last few decades, we still have so much work to do in 2018. This year needs to be our year that we stand up to injustice and inequality and accomplish what so many key civil rights leaders would have wanted like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Thank you Dr. King for working alongside other leaders and going under dangerous circumstances to promote goodness and peace. Thank you Dr. King for helping to push civil rights legislation so many can have a life that is fair and equal. Thank you Dr. King for your preachings and presenting it to the people. And lastly thank you for being a role model to the future of America that hope to continue your ideology of harmony and peace to establish a nation that will “allow freedom to ring”.

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