Guidelines to the ACT

December 1, 2017

1. Take it as many times as you can:  you have to take it as many times as possible, this allows you to have a lot of opportunities in order to raise your score up. Even if you’re are just going as high as a 20 or to the top of 36, try not to wait til junior year when it’s for free because that will limit the amount of possibilities you have for the future.
2. Take the writing: I know you don’t want to spend so much of your Saturday taking the ACT, every minute is precious to you, so tacking on another hour might seem like a hassle. But take the writing at least once, some colleges especially ones out of state look at the writing. So don’t disregard it as a whole, give it a chance, even if it’s only once.
3. Do not procrastinate: Study as soon as you find out what month you’re planning on taking it. For an example it’s September and you’re planning on taking it in November, don’t waste time and wait til November to study. Start studying now! Try to get as much time as in as possible. Every second counts.
4. Invest in a tutor, it’s helpful to have someone who has specialized in the test to help you study and know what the test consists of. Especially if you’ve never taken it before. Their study tips and advice can help improve your score and test taking abilities. And they help you on the path to find your flow of how you want to tackle the test.
5. Start a study group: Make sure it’s with people who genuinely want to rise their score up just like you. Remember it’s not a social gathering, you are there to learn, motivate, help each other.
6. Time management: Time management is extremely important, you need to learn how to manage your time, so you can complete every section thoroughly. Whenever you’re studying time yourself, so you know what you’re struggling with the most. That way you can improve yourself not only on that specific section but all the sections, so by the time the test comes. You finish each section with time to spare.
7. Eat breakfast/bring a snack: Even if you’re not a breakfast eater, as you know it’s the most important meals of the day. Your body needs the energy to function to its best ability. So eat the most nutritional breakfast you can, so you’re full and not worried about being hungry during the test. Also bring a snack during the break you get from the second section to the third section, need all the nutrition and energy you can get. Feed your mind and your body.

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