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Dress Code Creates Problems for Students

August 31, 2017

The first few weeks of each school year dress code is strongly enforced. Throughout the year students and administration become overwhelmed with the other activities and these rules become loosely enforced. This year administration is trying to crack down and insure these dress code rules are enforced all year.

Students’ usual summer attire consists of leggings, shorts and Nike shorts. When the beginning of school rolls around and it is still hot outside, students tend to wear the same things. Students also want to be comfortable during the day.  When it is still 80-90 degrees and humid, shorts are the best option. While it is still hot jeans and leggings are definitely not the preferred option.

Girls tend to have a more difficult time finding shorts long enough to wear to school. Guys’ shorts and athletic shorts are all made longer, coming right above the knee, where girls shorts come more towards the upper thigh. Students are allowed to wear shorts as long as they come down to finger tip length. The problem with girls’ athletic shorts however, is not the length in the front or back, but rather on the sides. The most popular athletic shorts, Nike, are fingertip length in the front and back but curve slightly above this length on the side.

Longer athletic shorts can be expensive, Columbia and Patagonia shorts are a little longer than Nike shorts. Buying a pair of longer athletic shorts typically cost anywhere from 50-60 dollars a pair. Girls especially have to resort to dresses and skirts while it is hot, due to not finding longer shorts.

The common attire during the school year, consists of jeans, leggings, shorts, sweatpants and athletic shorts. Styles change each year which sometimes makes the dress code a little harder to follow. This year going shopping for school, ripped jeans are what is in style. Finding jeans that follow dress code that are in style can be a little difficult. Jeans can have holes in them as long as they are below the knee, which are hard to find.

Dress code might not always be what we want to wear, but we have to follow it. Shorts have to be past our fingertips and holes have to be above the knee.

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  1. The Sunshine Girl on September 18th, 2017 1:21 pm

    I just wanted to say, you guys are hot stuff! The Crimson Crier staff is doing big things here and they are going far! Keep up what great work you are doing! I enjoy reading everyone’s articles on the web! And remember to spread some love in the classroom! I know it can be a stressful setting sometimes, just encourage one another and smile a little more often. I love every single one of you! P.s. Throw shade where shade is due.


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