Careers Through Creative Courses

August 29, 2017

Numerous courses offered at school, including photography, robotics, theatre, vocal and Spanish can sometimes be overlooked when considering a career pathway. A career in a field of science, math, English and history could easily be assumed as the only route to employment, but in reality, there is an entire world of different work forces and opportunities.

In most schools, core classes are pushed as the most important courses in a high school student’s life. However, there are additional careers deriving from creative and technical educational courses, such as professional photography, directing movies and shows, mechanical engineering, acting and dancing, producing music and translating in the medical field.

Students moving on from high school and college feel pressured to opt for jobs in more reliable career fields, solely looking at the amount of money they would make in that particular profession. Students could choose courses based on what they truly wanted to do, rather than decide by pay. Contrary to what most believe, sometimes taking a chance in a career spent doing things that bring joy, can end up bringing in more compensation than jobs thought to provide an increased fortune.

Understanding that if a person does not exceed in a specific trade as an amature, they will not succeed in making that into their profession throughout their lives. Becoming good at something is very hard in itself, but taking the time each and every day doing that one thing that is special makes it all the worthwhile. Passion and dedication is needed to take something that the world views as a waste of time and turning it into something full of emotion, happiness and love. Careers are not created and people choose which one to accomplish, they are apart of the person’s life from the time they have their first interview to the day they die. Why would someone not choose something they love to do because they love doing it, in contrast to going through each day not loving your job just for the money?

Not every career is sitting in a desk, using the same algorithms and notes you memorized to pass a high school or college exam. Creative and technical educational careers are in the world and they use skills from non-core classes. The income from each job offered varies depending on how one carries themself and completes the tasks at hand, not which career they have chosen due to the pressure of how much money will be made.

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