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The Outdoor Classroom Sparks the Student Mind

May 12, 2017

Studying in a place other than a confined room with 30 other students motivates one to learn the information being crammed into the brain days before a big exam. Most students do not even know about the outdoor classroom and the only known course at our school that regularly uses it—Marine Science is not going to be an available class to take after this summer. Fresh air clears the mind and the scenery gives students something to look at other than their classroom walls, making the outdoor classroom a place every teacher should love to teach a class.

All classes should try to incorporate the outdoor classroom into their weekly, or at least monthly teaching plan. The scenic area was created to inspire students to tune in and enjoy the outdoors while learning the information needed to succeed in their specific educational lessons within each course. It gives a change of scenery to keep the students awake from boredom during lectures.

Daily, students tend to be uninterested in what the teacher is lecturing about and either end up texting on their phones, falling asleep or just not paying attention at all. Using the outdoor classroom would get the students more engrossed in the learning, especially if they are in a class that corresponds with the outdoors, such as environmental science.

Along with utilizing the outdoor classroom for educational purposes, together, classrooms as a whole could contribute to the school’s environment by possibly planting small trees, picking up litter around the school perimeters, donating goldfish to the pond or even just taking care of the outdoor classroom when it is used. The outdoor classroom should be used on a regular basis, but even if it is not, we should all try to go outdoors more often than we normally do.

Consequently, being in an open area around nature increases concentration and reduces stress. A study conducted on children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) stated that those who played outside rather than inside had higher levels of concentration when doing the same tasks. As a matter of fact, just looking at nature or taking a walk, even in your own neighborhood, can reduce stress. Sitting around the pond while learning lessons will clear the mind and make it easier to absorb the knowledge being taught. Anything that can allow us to take in more information to help us succeed should be used in school, if not anywhere in life.


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